Bongo Kurl Lagoon Islet Kirsty Ann Ferrell  
Civil Engineering

BYU Master of Science This project provides a step by step design procedure for the design of structural components used to support amusement park rockwork shapes. The project is located in the Long An Province of Vietnam. Vietnamese building codes were researched to provide wind, seismic, and live load parameters. Steel braced frames were used to support a themed raised island that is approximately 12 meters in height. The island is the largest of seven that is located in a six foot deep lagoon. The foundation consists of drilled caissons that extend through the lagoon envelope to the pile cap that is located just below the water surface. The braced frame is bolted to the top of the pile cap. Steel angle armatures are designed as a secondary support system to transfer rockwork dead loads from the perimeter shape to the interior support frame. The rock skin is a shotcrete section that is reinforced with both rebar and metal lath. It is supported in both the vertical and horizontal directions at spacing of approximately two meters on center. A Revit model three-dimensional model was created to aid in the member layout process. An AutoCAD framing plan and cross section were drawn. AutoCAD details were drawn to provide specific information about all the various types of connections. A finite element program was used to design both the frame members and the foundation. More


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